Perspectives Ensemble

Mission Statement

Founded in 1993, the Perspectives Ensemble creates musical events that present the works of composers in cultural or historic context. Its programs often offer interpretations informed by the influences prevailing upon composers at the time of composition, and often bridge and integrate the musical, visual, and literary arts.

The Ensemble maintains the highest standards of preparation and performance in order to produce intellectually stimulating events that provide its artists and audiences opportunities to gain new insights into particular works of art.


The Ensemble forms high-level collaborations with leading artists and other presenting organizations as required by the needs of specific events and programs.

The Ensemble documents its work in various media and seeks a wider audience through the dissemination of recordings through commercial distribution.

Perspectives Ensemble provides a framework within which artists and staff are able to contribute at their maximum levels of accomplishment, thus maintaining the standards of preparation and performance that define the Ensemble's work.